Why is Football the most popular sport?

There’s an abundance of sports on Earth but why does¬†football, a.k.a soccer, dominate all other sports combined? It’s the most watched sport, the most followed sport, and the most widespread sport across the planet.

I’ll tell you why: football is so popular because it’s the closest sport we have, in its form, that is very similar to the life we live right now.

Football is a low-scoring game; you work your ass off effortlessly to score one goal but you can instantly concede one back from someone else’s fault.

“A team is most vulnerable right after they scored a goal.”

All statistics and analysis that are used to project results are far less accurate than that of other sports. Football is unpredictably unpredictable.

Stop a football game at any instant and you’ll find that there’s too many variables to count.

Football pitches now are always crowded within the centre; so creativity is forced more and more towards the edges. (Read: Creativity and stretching the sweatshirt)

Football can be played at a slow or a reckless pace. Football can be exceedingly boring or exceedingly entertaining.

Football has all sorts of heroes and villains, and all football heroes and villains have huge sets of supporters.

Football is all about winning. Football is all about the race to the top. Football is all about the money.

Football is extremely¬†similar to life but we only embrace football because it’s a game. Life is, in a sense, a game too.


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