Social detox

This is the second Friday that I decided to spend with no access to social media for the whole day. I can only access the internet if I want to read a book/article or watch a movie/tv series.

Other than that, nothing; for 24 hours.

And it’s liberating.

The feeling of controlling your day and not being constantly drawn back to your phone is one of the greatest feelings on this planet. Try it!


On mental slavery

Mental slavery has always existed since the creation of governments and people who want to control others; one way or another. 

The effort one should put to escape from it should be at a maximum level, for it makes or breaks our lives. 

Looks like Bob Marley was on social media long time ago:

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds”

FOMO is the new cancer

Many epidemics have hit our planet in the past centuries: Polio, AIDS, malaria, cancer, etc..

However, the most dangerous one is FOMO, or fear of missing out. 

It’s why we’re glued to our phones: refershing our social media feeds, checking our emails, etc. 

It’s the most dangerous epidemic this planet have witnessed, and it just started!

Can you hum the national anthem? 

We judge a country’s strength and popularity by their economic strength, military stregnth, number of known celebrities, number of known billionaires, etc. 

But the strongest countries are the ones which are always on our minds all the time. The ones which we know their systems without ever dealing with it. The ones which we can hum their national anthems without ever living there. That’s stregnth right there. 

Empty walls

The top companies don’t plan their process step by step, they plan it in different ‘sprints’ in order to avoid having to repeat the process again due to any external factors. Their plans are adjustable and agile.

Or as I’d like to put it in the famous words of my childhood hero Serj Tankian:

“Don’t waste your time on coffins today”

Nobody works on Thursday 

Nobody works on Thursday. Everyone just wants the day to be over. They’re checking their phones, having long conversations, and doing anything but actual work. 

And then of course, no one will work on the weekend unless they’re forced to. 

When we believe in what we’re doing, we work 24/7, whether it’s a weekend, a public holiday, or any other day. Love and passion makes all the difference. 

On acceptable addiction

I understand that I’m not someone that you’d meet everyday. I’m a vegan who’s technically off social media (I only have a twitter account that I use to discuss football)

It has been a tough and bumpy ride thus far; fighting temptations, remaining on track, and staying determined. 

Here’s the average reaction when people hear about one of those?

Vegan: Why? Are you doing it for the animals? Are you sick? What are the health benefits? How can you not eat burgers and pizza anymore? Do you feel healthier? 

Social media: How? How can you do this? I can’t live without (insert social media platform. Man everyone is at least on social media now you’ll be disconnected. You’ll miss out on all the ‘cool’ stuff. 

I noticed that we’re absolutely addicted, physically & mentally, to social media. We’re addicted to those black holes more than the food we’ve been consuming since day one. 

It’s weird, and it’s scary. Everyone is addicted but you can’t notice it because it’s not frowned upon from the society.