Happy birthday Ma

My mom would’ve been 49 years old today, but she passed away five years ago. 

On the day she passed, a friend came to me and told me a sentence that would arguably change my life. He looked me in the eyes and told me that whatever happens to us not only does it happen for a reason but also it happens to our absolute best. 

At the time I thought how the fuck would I reap any good from the death of the most important person in my life?

I became a better man, I solely learned how to become strong and depend on myself. My sister stood up in front of 300+ person to tell them that she loves me and that I’m the most important person of her life. I met my future wife. I met my bestfriends who changed my life. That’s just to sum a few. 

Apparently everything that happens to us is for our good. 


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