On acceptable addiction

I understand that I’m not someone that you’d meet everyday. I’m a vegan who’s technically off social media (I only have a twitter account that I use to discuss football)

It has been a tough and bumpy ride thus far; fighting temptations, remaining on track, and staying determined. 

Here’s the average reaction when people hear about one of those?

Vegan: Why? Are you doing it for the animals? Are you sick? What are the health benefits? How can you not eat burgers and pizza anymore? Do you feel healthier? 

Social media: How? How can you do this? I can’t live without (insert social media platform. Man everyone is at least on social media now you’ll be disconnected. You’ll miss out on all the ‘cool’ stuff. 

I noticed that we’re absolutely addicted, physically & mentally, to social media. We’re addicted to those black holes more than the food we’ve been consuming since day one. 

It’s weird, and it’s scary. Everyone is addicted but you can’t notice it because it’s not frowned upon from the society. 


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