Consistency is key

Consistency is the only thing that keeps up going. It’s the only energy source for us. You learn with consistency. You develop with consistency. You grow with consistency. Consistently. 


On comedy

There’s something enchanting about a comdeian who can do a non-comedy role. The shift of paradigm makes it almost impossible, and that is what makes it enchanting. 

When you rewatch the actor in a comedy role, you not only do appreciate his jokes, but also his acting. 

The comedy is harder to appreciate because we get sucked into it and rarely do we watch it analytically; just like almost everything else in this world. 

Pull through

There’s always a bright side to every blight incident we face. 

There’s always a good aspect to every hard decision we take. 

There’s always a lovely experience and lesson after all the hard days we face. 

Pull through. 

What I learned from Tribes by Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s Tribes is a mind-broadening, life-changing guide to challenging the status quo and leading your tribe.

Seth speaks about what makes a successful leader, about how you can lead a tribe even if you’re at the very bottom of the pecking order, about how only heretics can change this status-quo-bounded world.

There’s too many short and simple examples about leaders from all aspects of the world that is aggregated together in a 150 pages book that certainly has enough wisdom and knowledge to make you jump of your chair and start leading.

What’s lovely about this book is that it’s not dominated by survivalship bias that any leadership/biography does.

The book also leads you to think how can you change your status quo? How many tribes are you in? How can you lead them? If you would lead one tribe what would it be about? How would you lead it?

Simple yet life-changing; Seth and his book.


The project is more important than the spotlight. The goal is more important than the spotlight. The target is more important than the spotlight. 

Being in or out of the spotlight should never be the goal, or else you’ll never reach your true goal.