On reality distortion field 

There has always been a huge debate about Steve Jobs: genius or evil, one-of-a-kind or opportunistic, etc

The basis of the debates are usually based on his reality distortion field (coined by Andy Hertzfeld) and that not only did Steve use it to achieve what he wanted, he knew he was. 

RDF is basically his persuasive abilities mixed with charm, charisma, and persistence to convince his employees that his impossible demands were merely normal. 

But why would pushing someone through their human limits called evil? 

Were they overworked? Most probably. Did they exert more than 100% of their effort. Certainly. Did they create the impossible? Arguably. 

What’s more satisfying than not only achieving the impossible, but enjoying the process? Maybe that was the major con of the RDF. 

I can see the evil argument, but I can’t take it seriously. 


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