“If you are defeated once and tell yourself you will overcome, but carry on as before, know in the end you’ll be so ill and weakened that eventually you won’t even notice your mistake and will begin to rationalize your behavior.” – Epectitus
Nice and easy. 

Stay calm, for it’s your only hope. 

Stay calm, for it’s the only way forward. 

Stay calm, for it’s contagious. 

Stay calm, for internal noise is too loud. 

Stay calm, for adversity is only beaten by breathing in, and praying; calmly. 

A blog post a day challenge

I started the ‘write a blog a day’ challenge following Seth Godin’s advise and mainly took it on because of how challenging it is. However, it’s not only that, it teaches you to observe, to think, to slow down, to be disciplined and committed. It’s a life changing experience as far as I can tell.

My blog posts may be short and lack any beauty of the literary novels, but they get the job done for me.

Two handles

“Every event has two handles—one by which it can be carried, and one by which it can’t. If your brother does you wrong, don’t grab it by his wronging, because this is the handle incapable of lifting it. Instead, use the other—that he is your brother, that you were raised together, and then you will have hold of the handle that carries.” – Epictetus