Less social is more social

Since I deleted almost all my social media accounts and I realised I became more social. The irony!

I now think of people who I haven’t spoken to for a while and text them (hopefully I’ll change this to calling them soon). I also have a slightly better attention span now and I focus with people more while we’re having face-to-face conversations.

But there’s something bothering me: people are very anti-social now! Everyone assumes I’m caught up with what they’re doing and with everything they post online. Everyone one is used to expressing through texts, memes, and snaps and words are a rarity. Almost everyone now has a bipolar-disorder; their online persona is way different than their offline one.

Less social (media) is more social.


Relativity of success

Ask someone who is the first person that comes up to their mind when they hear the word ‘successful’ and the answers will fall in one of two categories; the Steve Jobs category or the mom/dad category.

Ask them who is the 3rd person that comes up to their mind and they’ll slow down and think about it, and probably that person would be the one who affected them the most.

But what is success?

Success is, according to the dictionary, the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. However, we almost always mix it up with money, fame, status, and more.

If Bill Gates didn’t aim to become the world’s richest man at a time then he was never successful at being the world’s richest man according to him.

Maybe he’s successful in making the world a better place, but that’s only if he intended to.

Miracles and expectations 

The 90s kids treated the blackberries, the iPhones, and the playstations as a miracle. The 00s kids treat them as a given. The former can live without it. The latter can’t breathe without it. 

A manager wins the league with a shit team and they call it a miracle. The same manager struggles to win the league again and they question his abilities. 

You take a long flight and they announce there’s wifi and everyone treats it as a miracle. The wifi disconnects and everyone starts growling as if it was always there. Their expectations ruined their experience. (Tony Robbins’ example in almost every other conversation of his)

You and I need to differentiate between the miracles and the givens. 

Today’s kids are the 90s adults

I can understand that today’s kids are all about having their smartphones, iPads, video games, etc… but it’s really weird that they don’t want to watch cartoons anymore. They want to watch movies! They don’t want action figures because all they do now is follow TV series. 

I think with their abundant access to technology they grasp the world better than the 90s kids at their age. Cartoons feel very fake for their imagination. Their horizon is way further because it has been expanded by the easy access to technology. 

Your first death is your most important one

We’re hardwired that older people understand death better, know how to deal with it better, and embrace it better.

Yesterday I was in a room with someone who’s dying and everyone else in the room was derailed. No one knew what to do, what to say, or how to act. New territory for almost everyone. Except for me.

We have trouble understanding the only constant among all of us, but once we fully understand it we live a better life.

Social media is the new society

It’s now a given that you’re in as many groups or societies as many ones you’re in on whatsapp, Facebook, snapchat, etc…

It’s now a phenomenon that one leaves a social media group. It’s a weird weird world. 

We’re addicted to likes, shares, engagement, hearts, pokes (?). It’s a weird weird world. 

Messi pauses Cairo

Messi visits Cairo and the whole country goes into a standstill. It’s not like Cairo is a small city with a small number of people living within; the widespread crowded metropolitan city paused for the day because Messi is here. The outskirts of the city had policemen causing traffic delays while Messi was at the heart of the city, at the majestic pyramids. 

If that’s not the biggest indicator of ignorance and stupidity then I have no idea what is. 

Yes Messi deserves all the attention in the world, but only Jesus deserves to disrupt our traffic. 


We’re all selfish, borderline narcissistic, egoistic, and totally self centered. Those are the common denominators of any living being. 

Once you comprehend this and deploy it in all your interactions and expectations you’ll live an easier life. 

Comfort zone is a bitch

I’ve always been driven by the process of problem solving; the enthusiasm of listening to a problem for the first time, the hard work whilst trying to solve it, and the sheer joy once you solve it.

Problems can range from a 3rd grade math problem to quantum physics. From how to cross the road effectively to how to reach mars under a budget constraint. It doesn’t matter.

But nowadays I’ve noticed many want to solve problems, but they don’t want to solve new problems.

They don’t want to get out of their mental comfort zone; but they don’t realize that comfort zone is a bitch.